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Confidence: It’s an Inside Job

Tuesday, August 6 | 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

ATB Entrepreneur Centre, Calgary

Confidence is not a coat you put on and take off. Confidence is something that goes with you where ever you go. You are good at what you do. You are well respected. People look up to you.
But on the inside, you are afraid they will find out you don’t belong.

In this workshop you will gain insight into your thoughts and you will get the tools to develop Core Confidence. You will learn not only where to start but you will have already begun to build YOUR core confidence.

About the Speaker 
Kristen Dawson is an International Speaker, Confidence Coach and Bestselling Author. After losing 150 pounds, Kristen thought she would be confident. She realized that up until then, she had been wearing confidence like a coat she would put on in public. She created the program, The Confident Way: 7 Steps to Core Confidence to help people learn how to develop their own confidence based on the process she used. She is a certified Transformation Weekend Master Trainer and currently on tour with Tony Robbins and Rachel Hollis in Canada.

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