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Cannabis in the Workplace

Tuesday, June 11 | 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM

ATB Entrepreneur Centre, Edmonton

The use of alcohol and drugs adversely affects the ability of a person to work in a safe manner. In some environments, employees work with materials or equipment that can cause significant harm to their self or others. This workshop focuses on providing learners with assistance in building an Alcohol and Drug Policy along with the tools to properly manage situations where an employee may be impaired.

The course will include guidance on establishing roles and responsibilities for the employer and employee to ensure a safe workplace, outlining the rules pertaining to alcohol and drug use, outlining sources of education and self-help, communicating the organization’s commitment to the accommodation of employees with disabilities, and outlining of proper procedures for alcohol and drug testing.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand employers rights in promoting and ensuring a safe workplace.
  • Understanding of the purpose of alcohol and drug policies along with roles and responsibilities associated with maintaining a safe workplace.
  • Know how to manage situations when an employee is impaired and subsequent scenarios when an employee has a disability and requires an accommodation.
  • Awareness e of the sources of employee education and self-help to ensure employees are directed to the appropriate parties or materials.
  • Basic understanding of how to detect alcohol and drug usage; knowing and acknowledging the warning signs.
  • Awareness of the protocols for alcohol & drug testing, when should it be used and how it should be administered.

About your facilitator:

Greg Hussey is a Human Resources professional with ten years of diverse experience across various industries. Greg has experience in strategic human resources planning and change management and has expertise in a wide variety of areas of human resources, including organizational design, hiring and onboarding, employee engagement, employee relations, compensation & benefits, succession planning, training & development, and health and safety. The industries Greg has worked in includes financial services, oil & gas, manufacturing, health care, and public accounting. His focus is implementing value-added solutions and ensuring alignment of human resources practices with the overall strategic objectives of the business.

Greg works closely with organizations to ensure they protect themselves from legal exposure and maintain their reputation by complying with employment and human rights laws. He has worked with multiple organizations in developing their Alcohol & Drug policies and procedures and has supported local businesses in preparing for the legalization of cannabis.

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