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Build Rapport and Trust Fast

Monday, February 25 | 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

ATB Entrepreneur Centre, Edmonton

Want to learn how to recognize and relate to others fast and improve your ability to build a solid connection. By knowing how to identify others communication preferences, you can build
rapport, build trust and build relationships. Whether it be with a colleague, a friend, a family member or your barista, relationships are what matters in sales, business and in your personal

In this laugh out loud presentation, you’ll figure out a little more about yourself, your Mom and your best friend. You’ll chuckle at the perceptions you create, the idiosyncrasies that show up
unconsciously and why knowing how to be a better communicator changes everything. People don’t usually tell you how they want to be treated, they show you and you’ll soon have the Eagle eye on just how to do read most people like a book.

About your facilitator: Noelle Leemburg

Noelle works with solopreneurs, heart centered businesses and small business owners, to develop a healthy sales mindset, develop killer sales skills and create process and plans to improve and dramatically increase their confidence and ability to sell. She works one on one and with groups in her unique Authentic Sales Academy. A combination of training and coaching on the fundamentals of Consultative Selling the 21 st Century way.

For 18 years, she has been training and coaching sales people in Canada, the United States and Asia. Considered Western Canada’s foremost expert in sales, she is a certified Adult Educator, uses various coaching methodologies and has utilized her innate ability to connect and mentor others.

Noelle also facilitates customized sales and teamwork training, for small to large organizations in the United States and Canada such as Johnson and Johnson, Torlys Flooring, LaFarge, Jim Pattison and Farmers Edge. Her corporate knowledge and expertise come from leading teams of 45 people, helping take a family business national and managing revenues past the 250 million mark for an International public American Company.

She is fueled by her passion to help others perform beyond their perceived best, step way outside of their comfort zone and earn a healthy income through selling authentically and savvy business management. Noelle loves what she does, and it shows!

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