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BrandJitsu™ and the Big Badda Boom

Wednesday, January 29 | 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

ATB Entrepreneur Centre, Calgary

Businesses in Canada only have an 11% survival rate*; seven of the top ten reasons for failure are directly attributed to lack of brand clarity. So if you are just starting out, facing a pivot, or looking to disrupt an industry, having clarity around your brand needs to be at the top of your to do list for 2020.

Filled with valuable insight and engaging stories, this entertaining talk will guide you through simple and effective exercises you can use immediately to strengthen your brand and avoid 70% of the reasons why businesses fail in Canada
*StatsCanada Study (

Michael is on a mission to help Canadian businesses. During his career he’s worked with everyone from Fortune 500’s to radical entrepreneurs to small Mom-and-Pop Shops. For the last 15 years he’s focused his attention on helping Canadian businesses like yours succeed through a proven methodology called BrandJitsu™: a practical and effective way to find, shape, and share your story with the world. |

“I recently experienced Michael Dargie speak on the topic of BrandJitsu; Wow! What a great speaker and teacher able to impart an abundance of knowledge in a way I could understand and use immediately. His strategy is simple, yet when he breaks it down it really makes you think about your brand in a whole new light. After his class not only did I had a ton of new and exciting ideas, I was filled with renewed energy and motivation to take my brand to the next level! If you have a chance to see Michael speak, don’t miss it. Highly recommended!” — Shylo Victoria

“Michael is one of those rare breeds of creatives that combines design creativity with a super-clear business mind. He not only creates the most compelling brands – he crafts brand strategy that becomes an integral part of your business DNA, your goals, ambitions and values. He is expert at what he does – gently but firmly leading his clients to discover the road they really should be taking. Every time that I’ve seen Michael in action his creative strategy blows my mind. To add to the mix, he is a superb storyteller and teacher. His enthusiasm for what he does shines in everything he does.” — Neville Chamberlain

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