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Sales Made Simple

Monday, August 28 | 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

ATB Entrepreneur Centre, Calgary

Got a great solution to sell, but you just can’t seal the deal?

Could be your perception of sales needs an “insight upgrade”.

There’s an erroneous idea out there that sales expertise is all about manipulating the customer into buying what they don’t want or need. In reality, the art of selling, in essence, is about making the customer’s dreams come true.

As the entrepreneur, you offer exactly what your client needs to solve their problems, achieve their goals, to propel them forward to wherever they want to be. Thus it follows that, in order for them to make use of your very effective solution, a fair and noble exchange has to take place.

Make the change to savvy thinking like that and, lo and behold, you’ve made a sale!

Join international best-selling author and certified business profitability expert, Noelle Leemburg, CEO of bSavvy Inc., for this vital and insightful presentation and learn the key elements of sales success from the inside out.


Speaker – Noelle Leemburg

Business coaches are a dime a dozen. Sales pundits abound.

But no corporate training professional combines solid transformational leadership fundamentals and insightful, behavioural-based “sales success” principles with that essential foundation of champion mindset mentoring like international best-selling author, inspirational speaker and business profitability catalyst, Noelle Leemburg.

bSavvy, the actual name of Noelle’s certified coaching enterprise, offering small to midsize organizations exclusive instruction in attaining higher levels of productivity through increased efficiency with decreased anxiety, is also her sage advice to her clients. Be savvy!

Effectively growing a viable business takes knowledge and experience, yes, but beyond the basics, there’s the need to develop those shrewd and canny instincts that will really take you to the top, that astute, intuitive ability to “read between the lines” which leads you to then “think outside the box.”

With a unique and eclectic educational background in sociology, anthropology and communications enriched with the comprehensive tools and proven processes from the Forzani Business Coaching program, Noelle excels at not just the practical, empirical methods for organizational alignment and improvement, but the intrinsic human resource related aspects of employee engagement, loyalty and motivating staff to expand their true potential.

Whether it involves implementing new systems of positive thought and empowering beliefs, or new strategies for high powered sales results and impactful leadership, ensuring that your profitable, sustainable business is thriving at top efficiency and effectiveness is both Leemburg’s strength and her passion.

Professional success, personal fulfillment, quality of life; these may not be everyone’s goals, but if they are yours, know that choosing to align with the indomitable Noelle Leemburg, you can have it all. So bSavvy!


***This is an intermediate-level workshop, but everyone is welcome!***

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