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Best Business Practices: Plan, Profit, Perform ($10)

Tuesday, February 5 | 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM

ATB Entrepreneur Centre, Edmonton

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People plan to succeed but in many cases, fail to plan. You could be a new business owner looking for clarity on what to do in the next 2 to 3 years. Maybe you already have a business and you need a financing or a grant.

A business plan is a living document that can help solve all of those worries and then some. But what is needed in a business plan? How are they put together?

There are 5 common things missing from a business plan. On their own or together, they can be the difference between a success and failure for your business.

How should you do your bookkeeping? What are the “must know” key items for your business setup? What does Canada Revenue need from you? How should you pay yourself?

Get the facts around best practices with your bookkeeping and your processes. Learn how to manage the “business side of the business” and keep more money in your pocket.

So you’re a business owner, which generally means you have the most demanding boss you have ever worked for. It also means you manage the most problematic employee you’ve ever seen.

When you’re accountable only to yourself it’s tough to be objective. My practice focuses on the performance of the business leader/owner. Being the professional sounding board to work through your planning and day to day challenges.

In this program, I will share a few of the most common challenges and how to work to overcome them.


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