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ATBX Pilot – YEG (Applications being accepted)

Tuesday, May 22 | 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Alif Partners

We’re very excited to be launching a 6 week ATB X Accelerator pilot in Edmonton, May 22nd and would appreciate your help finding 12 early-stage entrepreneurs who you believe would make a great fit for the program.
The purpose of the accelerator is create a space where ATB can make a significant impact on the lives of our business customers.
We are targeting early stage entrepreneurs in the “Go to market” phase of their business.  Those individuals who have a great idea, have put a lot of thought & care into it and are actively attempting to validate their business idea in the market.  These will be business owners who crave an engaging and supportive peer environment to help build out their strategic focus, business growth plan and target client base.
What is ATB X?
ATB X is an accelerator program that helps early-stage entrepreneurs get to market quicker by surrounding them with a supportive peer community, meaningful connections and a hands-on curriculum focused on go-to-market strategy.
After establishing the program in Calgary since November 2016, we have graduated over 80 local businesses and 120+ individuals who have grown both personally and in their business and have become strong advocates for ATB.
Who are we looking for?
The program is designed for founders and business owners who have already developed their idea or concept and are looking to refine and validate their business model in the marketplace. Customer-centric strategy, marketing and sales are the key words!
They can be from a variety of industries and business types (tech startups, service businesses, makers and manufacturers, social entrepreneurs, etc) as this creates a diverse peer group for them to join and grow in.
What do entrepreneurs get out of the program?
– Dedicated office space for 6 weeks (open-plan)
– One-on-one strategy check-ins and guidance
– Weekly hands-on workshops with local business leaders and founders
– Unique networking opportunities with ATB and our community partners
– Coffee for fuel and beer to celebrate both the struggles and wins

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