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An Intro to Intellectual Property – Basics that Every Entrepreneur Should Know

Wednesday, October 16 | 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

ATB Entrepreneur Centre, Calgary

Every business can have intellectual property (IP). Whether your business is selling basic goods and services, writing code for a killer new app, or developing a new cleantech energy system for powering the world, you will likely have or can develop IP. Understanding the strategic reasons for protecting IP and the steps you need to take to prevent losing rights are important to maximizing the value of your ideas and to otherwise capitalize on the time and effort you have spent developing them. The development of a strong IP portfolio in the form of patents, trade marks, copyright and designs can be a highly effective tool for your business to realize significant value. This talk will provide an overview of the IP system, the types of IP that can be protected and pragmatic strategies that can be followed for your business to obtain IP protection.

About the Speaker:

Andrew Hicks has over 25 years experience in the preparation, prosecution and management of complex patent portfolios. He began his career as a research engineer in Ottawa with a large multi-disciplinary biomedical engineering project before joining the patent profession in 1992.

When he left the engineering world, he began his patent career in Ottawa with one of Canada’s largest IP firms before moving his practice to Alberta in 2000. In 2004, he left the world of large law firms where he was a partner to found Hicks & Associates. Since 2004, Hicks & Associates has grown to become one of Alberta’s largest boutique IP firms with an exceptionally strong team of patent and trademark professionals.

Andrew’s practice is diverse and he represents a wide variety of domestic and foreign clients before the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) and around the world. In particular, his practice is focused on the creation and management of patent portfolios for domestic clients and devising appropriate domestic and international IP strategies to match the business objectives of his clients. He has contributed to the creation of IP portfolios across a wide range of technical disciplines including biochemistry, chemical engineering, chemistry, mechanical engineering, biomedical engineering, high technology and all aspects of the energy and oil and gas industries. He is also an inventor and has granted patents to a machine used to separate drill cuttings from drilling fluid.”

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