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Accelerate your Sales Results – Learn How You Can Get More Customers with these Four Sales Essentials

Thursday, August 29 | 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

ATB Entrepreneur Centre, Calgary

Are you struggling with the whole idea of selling, especially selling yourself?
Are you focused and productive in your selling efforts, every day of the week?
Do you have the knowledge, the skills and the capacity to build enough clients and revenue to ensure your business is sustainable long-term?

Success in sales requires specific skills that until learned will cause you to struggle. It’s an art and skills that requires dedication. First you need to learn core sales fundamentals. Then you must consistently prepare, practice your skills, reflect and refine. You need a process and strategies that work. What are you doing to learn what it takes, what support do you have, how is it all working out for you?

Sales is a crucial role for any and all business owners to have. In this 90-minute presentation including time for Q & A, you will learn how to break through your comfort zone, overcome call reluctance and how to structure your days for sales success. You’ll walk away with tips on how to relate to others and build a strong sense of trust. We’ll cover the steps of a sales process for any business, whether you are selling microchips or potato chips. Finally, you’ll learn various lead generation strategies you can inject into your sales strategy, depending on your business. There will be time at the end for your questions, so prepare now and get ready to learn what you need to accelerate your sales results.


About the Speaker: 

Noelle Leemburg is one of Western Canada’s foremost experts in sales with over 18 years in the field, managing and leading teams, sales coaching and facilitating international training in small to corporate companies and in post-secondary institutions. 

She is a master at teaching people how to overcome mindset challenges, build relationships fast, create value and generate customers with an authentic approach and customized sales process that works.

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