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4 Confidence Boosts to Help You Reach Your Leadership Potential

Wednesday, July 11 | 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

ATB Entrepreneur Centre, Grande Prairie

Does hesitation, doubt or fear stop you dead in your tracks?

Do you try to control everything, yet feel completely helpless, disjointed or disorganized?

Do you long to be competent, capable and skilled, yet find more often you feel incapable, inept or ineffective?

These are all signs you may be struggling with your confidence levels! Those lacking confidence hold themselves back. They are tentative, hedge and play small. The result is:

  • they don’t do their best work,
  • are not having the incredible impact they could potentially have and
  • they feel crappy!

In this session, you will learn to take control back for how you feel and how you perform. You will discover your inner confidence and how you can activate self-confident feelings from within yourself. With this sense of certainty, you will be motivated to take action towards doing your best work, advancing your business, organization or your career, and positively impacting those around you. The bonus effect is that you will find more joy in your day-to-day work.

Who is the session for?

  • Business owners, leaders, managers, or supervisors wanting to enhance their skills and impact
  • Staff, employees and board members wanting to develop themselves and advance their skills, career and impact

What actionable or tangible items will they leave with and how will it help their business…

Participants will:

  • increase their awareness of the consequences of their lack of confidence
  • find out how they give their power away by waiting for others to “give them permission” to be confident
  • increase their understanding of how “confidence is an inner game.”
  • learn how courage and confidence go hand in hand and how to use courage to develop their confidence

About your Facilitator:

Kathy Archer knows that most leaders hit a point in their career where they feel in over their heads and they are wondering if they have what it takes to lead. As an internationally certified leadership development coach, Kathy gives you the inner and outer tools to turn that around, so you can restore your lost confidence and move from surviving to thriving in both your leadership and in your life. In Kathy’s book Mastering Confidence: Discover Your Leadership Potential by Awakening Your Inner Guidance System, she shows you how to develop your inner confidence so you can have the impact you desire in work and in life.

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