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3 Ways to Increase Cash Flow by 5-17% in 19 Minutes or Less

Wednesday, June 20 | 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM

ATB Entrepreneur Centre, Edmonton

Cash Flow is the key to maintaining a healthy business and funding your lifestyle. This session will peak under the hood of typical financial “truths” and show you how to increase your cash flow by 5-17% per month without having to sacrifice your current spending requirements.

These easy to implement strategies allow you to:
– Keep more or your money in your business and personal pockets every month of every year;
– Maintain control over more of your money, and how to stop giving it to others that will profit from your hard-earned dollars while you earn little to no return;
– Be prepared for financial challenges and opportunities when they arise (and they will arise);
– Layer the strategies to compound the benefits for greater results month after month.

Some of the key learnings of this session set the foundation for the Significant Life System TM , a proprietary wealth platform designed for business owners to help them achieve a “work-optional
lifestyle” faster and more efficiently than typical financial advice.

Asked the question “If something you knew to be true, turned out not to be…when would you want to know about it?”, Weston has looked deeply into typical financial advice and what he has uncovered is telling. This presentation contains key learnings that will lead you to think differently about your money!

About your Facilitator: Weston Fader, B.Comm, CSS, Author
Weston is the Principal Financial Consultant at Atlas Wealth Financial and a Private Wealth Advisor with Raintree Financial Solutions. He is the creator of the Significant Life System TM , which he has spent years developing and refining to help business owners attain the elusive “work-optional lifestyle” so many of us desire. Weston is the author of Wealth Management for Business Owners: Keeping Your Profits in your Pockets, and is working on a new book Busting the Interest Rate Lies: Canadian Edition due to be out late 2018.

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