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10 Questions That Need to Be Asked In Every Sales Meeting

Wednesday, June 12 | 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

ATB Entrepreneur Centre, Calgary

Value-based selling. The term may be used as a trendy phrase, but what does it actually mean? Selling on value isn’t about talking more about what your product or service has to offer, but actually less. The best business owners and sales professionals aren’t great talkers, they’re actually great listeners. And if you want to sell more on the value you create for your clients, and less on what your product is, then you must attend! Learn the questions fast-growth companies are asking in every sales meeting to help them Sell More. Faster.


The Speaker: KO Advantage Group

KO Advantage Group Ltd. is the FASTEST-GROWING sales training company focused on high-value B2B services. Our leading course, KO Sales U is the most comprehensive course to truly teach you the strategy and process on selling high-value services into businesses. Developed exclusively for business owners and entrepreneurs this course dives deep in areas that many others leave out.

Not all sales cycles are exactly alike. Not all sales courses are the same.

You wouldn’t sit in a classroom for three days to learn how to play a sport, so why would you want to learn your sales process the same way?

Sales application is not the same as education. Sales is about doing. That’s why we developed a course that teaches concepts and then immediately provides you with the opportunity to apply it to your own sales cycles.

KO Advantage Group also does amazing team-based training, sales inspirational talks, and education for all those wanting to gain a huge advantage over their sales strategy.

Sell More. Faster.

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